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Three Things Every Business Website Should Include

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

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If your website is looking a little out of date or if you’re building a website for a new or existing business, you’re probably wondering “what’s on the must-have list?” You’ll need to consider dozens of checklist items when you’re building or rebuilding a website, but what is it that your website absolutely must have in order to function well, be resource for visitors and prospective customers or clients, work well across device platforms, and minimize ongoing maintenance? Although website design is an ever-changing landscape and the value of a good web developer cannot be overstated, here are the top three things we believe website design should include today.

What are Three Things Every Business Website Should Include?

  1. A clear way to communicate. A business website should help generate leads and reduce the time between contact and contract. This means offering site visitors every opportunity and option to get in touch. Include the address and phone number, contact names, contact forms, and an online chat option. Make sure your contact options are easy to find and populated across the site.

  2. Mobile responsiveness. Believe it or not, mobile browsing represents up to 70% of your web traffic, so responsive website design is essential to make your site look good on phones and tablets as well as on desktops and laptops. At NPS, we follow a mobile-first design philosophy for this reason.

  3. Security. No business wants to find out that their website has been hacked in the middle of the night. Website security is a multi-faceted topic, but choosing a capable host, managing plug-ins, using strong passwords, keeping your security subscriptions up to date, and including secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates will help. Additionally, there are many ways to block intrusive “bot” traffic, block IPs, and block visitors from select countries (you know who they are). Wix has a great deal of built-in security and add-on app options as well as constant monitoring to keep things secure and detect vulnerabilities. WordPress utilizes third-party plugins to keep things secure, but you’ll need to manage constant updates.


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