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Management from NPS

Discover a new dimension in business growth with Birdeye, the one-stop platform for effortlessly collecting client reviews, enhancing customer engagement, and increasing leads, sales, and revenue. Birdeye is the ideal solution for reputation management for small businesses, helping them expand through customer satisfaction. Trusted by over 100,000 local brands and local businesses!

Features and Benefits

Birdeye boosts local search rankings. It’s everything you need to help your local business to grow!

Attract: Streamline your online presence and reputation.

  • Local Listings: Be everywhere with map integrations.

  • Reviews: Win customers over with credible reviews.

  • Referrals: Encourage customers to recommend your business.

  • Pages: Create engaging custom pages for better conversions.

Convert: Connect and communicate effectively.

  • Messaging: Facilitate communication via various platforms, including text, social media, and video chat.

  • Webchat: Use Livechat and AI chatbots for business communication.

  • Inbox: Consolidate all interactions into a unified inbox.

Delight: Understand, respond, and improve.

  • Surveys: Get real-time feedback for actionable insights.

  • Benchmarking: Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive insights.

  • Ticketing: Address issues proactively to avoid bigger problems.

The Unified Inbox Advantage

Imagine all customer interactions consolidated in a single inbox. Track reviews, referrals, surveys, texts, emails, voicemails, video chats, and social media interactions in one place. Gauge customer sentiment in real-time and send perfectly tailored responses every time. Ask us about this product!

Google Partnership

Our partnership with Google provides a comprehensive range of benefits:

  • Review Management: Leverage our direct integration with Google's Private API for customer reviews.

  • Google Listings Management: Create and manage your Google My Business profile effortlessly.

  • Google Knowledge Panel: Our reviews appear on Google's Local Knowledge Panel, providing your business with visual prominence.

  • Google Responses and Reviews: Respond directly from the dashboard or set up an auto-response system.

  • Market your Google Reviews: Automate sharing of your reviews to social media platforms.

  • Positive Reviews: Showcase positive reviews on your website using our review widget.

  • Google Reporting: Get insights on customer interactions on Google.

  • Google Seller Ratings: Boost your SEM with Google Seller Ratings.

  • Rich Snippets: Our reviews come embedded with rich snippet data for improved Google ranking and visibility.

Why Choose This Service

Consider the following:

  • Your current Google Star Rating, presence on Google's first page, and response to reviews.

  • The effectiveness of your website's lead capturing and Web Chat functionality.

  • Your strategy for handling negative reviews and maintaining current ones.

  • Your social media presence and engagement, including Facebook likes and recent posts.

  • Your standing against competitors.

Thank you - we will be in touch soon!

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