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Building Compliant Websites for All Abilities

Web accessibility is crucial to creating an inclusive online space. At NPS Design Studio, we understand that every user is unique and we strive to make sure your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. We provide WCAG and ADA compliant services that will ensure your website is easy to navigate and use for everyone. Our team is experienced in designing accessible websites, and we’re here to help you create an online space where every user is welcome and can enjoy everything your website has to offer.

Starts at $595/year

Accessibe: Empowering Accessible Online Experiences for WCAG &
ADA Compliance:

  • We help you create accessible web designs that increase your audience and reach 
  • Our expertise ensures that you meet web accessibility standards, including minimizing the risk of civil law suits
  • Increases Reputation and SEO

This price includes installation. If you want to install yourself please reach out before buying! 10% off in July and August. No code needed at checkout.

Web Accessibility Compliance

What industries are most impacted?

We’ve witnessed the devastating consequences small businesses have suffered from being sued over accessibility issues. That’s why we’re passionate about making sure that everyone is treated equally and that the digital world is fully accessible for all. We have worked with numerous small and medium-sized businesses to convert their websites to be accessible by all users. Our team is skilled in the latest web accessibility standards, and our designs ensure that everyone can access your website with ease. There is no need to risk a lawsuit – let us make sure that your website is fully accessible.

What Industries are hit the hardest?

  • e-commerce sites

  • Automotive

  • Food Industry

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Education

Secure Your Business with Website Accessibility Compliance

You Face a Choice: Comply or Risk Lawsuits – We Offer a Seamless Solution! Opt for compliance, and discover our straightforward fix! NPS has joined forces with accessiBe to offer a user-friendly ADA compliance solution for your website.


accessiBe stands at the forefront of AI-driven web accessibility solutions, ensuring your website meets WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility standards, and opens doors for individuals with disabilities.

Let us fo a quick scan to see if your site is compliant!

The Advantages of Utilizing accessiBe

Works on all websites - highest success rate

Individuals with Diverse Disabilities can customize Website their website experience without disrupting code, layout, or design

accessiBe Conducts Daily Re-scans and Re-analysis of Your Website to Ensure ADA and WCAG Compliance is Maintained

Patented technology - Powerful AI-Powered solution

Driven by the Disabiled Community, Guided by their Insight

Watch how accessiBe works!

See It In Action!

Explore our accessibility solution by clicking the black and white wheelchair icon in the bottom left  corner of this website.

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Starts at $595/year

Installation Included



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