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How Local Business Directories Can Elevate Your SEO Game

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

How Local Business Directories Elevate Your SEO Game

If you’ve been with us on this digital journey for a while, you’d know we’re always raving about the power of SEO. But today, we’re taking a slight detour to spotlight something that might be lurking in the shadows for some: local business directories.

What's the Buzz with Online Directories?

Remember the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages? Well, online directories are their modern, digitized counterparts. By showcasing NPS Design Studio on various directories, we’re creating more pathways for our beloved clientele (yes, that’s you!) to stumble upon us in the vast expanse of the web.

Local SEO: Why It's a Big Deal

If you’ve been tuning into the NPS blog, you know we’ve chatted about local SEO before. It’s all about jazzing up your online presence to appear in local searches. But here's a twist: any savvy local SEO strategy should also consider backlinks. Local backlinks, to be precise. These links can drive targeted, relevant local traffic straight to your business website and landing pages. How do you nab them? Think local business directories, social media profiles, and industry-specific directories. It’s all part of building your brand as a trusted authority in your area.

And speaking of local SEO, directories are the unsung heroes. A consistent Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP, for those in the know) across directories is basically search engine catnip. It signals that you’re the real deal, locally anchored, and a bigwig in the neighborhood.

Building Trust, One Directory at a Time

Making your mark on reputable directories isn't just about visibility; it's a badge of trust. For potential customers, it’s akin to spotting a familiar face in a crowd.

Review Power

Now, here’s where things get juicy. Some directories give users the mic to share their experiences. Glowing reviews not only warm our hearts but also give our local SEO a neat little bump.

Making the Most of Business Directories: Three Tips!

· Consistency is Key: Our name, address, and contact need to echo the same tune everywhere. It’s SEO's version of harmonizing.

· Stay Current: Businesses evolve, and our listings should too.

· Chat with Reviewers: It’s a two-way street. Engaging with all shades of feedback tells our tribe we’re listening.

Business Directories to Submit to in 2023-2024:

· Google My Business: The MVP for local biz champs.

· Facebook

· Bing Places

· Yelp

· Dex, Superpages, and YellowPages

· Better Business Bureau (BBB)

· LinkedIn's Digital Rolodex

· Your Local Chamber of Commerce website

· Uber & Waze

· Niche Directories: those that resonate with your unique brand or market

Elevating Reviews with Birdeye

At NPS Design Studio, we're all about amplifying your review management game. With our collaboration with Birdeye, we boost your online visibility, making sure your business is easily found with map integrations and standout reviews. And our tight-knit alliance with Google? That's the cherry on top, allowing us to tap into direct API integration for top-notch feedback management and to finesse your Google My Business profile with ease. In short, with Birdeye and NPS backing you, your business doesn't just get noticed—it shines brilliantly.

Want to dive deeper into the world of SEO, directories, or simply chat about the digital universe? The NPS Design Studio fam is always here for a pow-wow. Give us a buzz, and let’s craft some digital magic together!

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