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NPS email marketing


NPS can create your email and mail campaigns. They will be professionally designed with your content added or we can have each campaign professionally written (recommended). 


NPS can help your with ongoing email drip campaigns, automated email responses (within our wix platform) and even scheduled newsletter emails to let your customers know what's new or maybe about a special offering. We only send out to opted in lists you provide and can help you with other campaigns to drive those opted in people!

Types of Campaigns:

  1. Email Drip Campaigns. These are a series of emails that we predesign that you can send out to people who have opted in to receive emails from you. Good way to get non converted leads coming back and getting them to convert with incentives in each email. You can have more than one type of email campaign

  2. Automated email responses. If you are one of our Wix customers we can use your Wix CRM to create email automations for practically anything. Thank yous, Review requests, Billing reminders, Appointment reminders and so much more!

  3. Newsletter campaigns. These can be created for our wix customers and even our customers using MailChimp or Constant Contact. Stay in front of customers with new product updates, employee spotlights and more! We can also use these platforms for drip campaigns. 

Email Creative
Custom Designed Postcard


Some say using the good 'ole USPS is completely outdated and for some businesses that is proven to be true. However, many small businesses still can get a lot of return on a mailing campaign. NPS can even help you track your mailings with custom urls or QR codes so you can see in google analytics how many people scan to learn more. Ask us for more information on how either type of mailing campaign.

  1. Mail campaigns from your list. We take a list you give us, preferably in excel format. Then we design your piece and get it setup to mail. We keep you up to date on when it will hit homes or businesses (what ever demo you need too)

  2. EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail. With this type of campaign we do not need a list. You tell us what areas need to receive your mailing, by zip code(s) and after we design your mail piece we show you how many people will be receiving your piece in the ares selected. Easy to adjust and add more areas too!

Email and Mail Campaigns: Services

Retarget Your Customers With a Postcard. What???

Yep it's true! Retargeting should be a part of every digital marketing plan. If you are pushing customers to your website through online campaigns like Google Ads and Paid Social Media then you need to also have budget for retargeting so you can keep following them around the Internet once they leave your site. I'm sure you have heard of this, BUT did you know you can also mail them a postcard? Yep! We can track a website visitors IP address and send them your latest offer via a postcard we mail to their home address. Best part - it is very affordable. 

The biggest benefit is you can get a mail piece in their hands! Add a QR code to track how many people scan it and come BACK to your site. Get sales and return sales!

Postcard Retargeting Explained

Postcard Retargeting Prices

Find Out How Email Marketing Can Get You Leads!

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