Marketing Plans

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  • Contracted Marketing

    Every month
    Hourly Fee - Hire NPS to Be Your Contracted Marketing Team
    • 1 Hour Monthly Marketing Meetings
    • Website Build and Update meeting
    • New printed materials Planning
    • Graphic Design Services Planning
    • Search Engine Optimization Planning
    • Digital Marketing Planning
    • Other Marketing Planning
    • Other Plans Available - please reach out for details
  • Contracted Marketing

    Every month
    No job postings, No interviews, Just Pro Services
    • Have us at your disposal as needed!
    • Includes regular bi monthly meetings
    • Includes ongoing marketing tasks
    • All services we offer can be discussed
    • Accountability on both sides
    • We will match your needs to the perfect solutions
    • Build success with lead gen, sales and more
    • Includes all of the Hourly Package also (look to your left)
    • Includes 10 hours of service per month
    • Does not include Google or Social ads cost or website design
    • Does not include graphic design, branding or print
    • DOES include reporting for SEO and marketing efforts
  • Basic WP Updates

    Every month
    Wordpress Updates Only
    • Wordpress Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Great for smaller sites without integrations: ecommerce, etc
  • Hosting+ Maintenance

    Every month
    Wordpress Hosting x 12 months & includes Wordpress updates.
    • Basic Wordpress Hosting (requires 12 month agreement)
    • Wordpress Updates Monthly
    • Plugin Updates Monthly
    • 1 Hour of Website Updates Per Month
    • Great for smaller sites with some integrations: CRM's
    • $1020 in savings per year!
  • Hosting+ The Works

    Every month
    This Wordpress plan is most popular! $450 Value!
    • Wordpress Hosting (Requires 12 month Agreement)
    • Wordpress Monthly Updates
    • Plugin Monthly Updates
    • 1 Hour of Website Updates Per Month
    • eCommerce Friendly Package includes Woo-Commerce
    • Securi Basic - Wordpress Security
    • $600 savings per year!
  • Facebook Ad Setup

    WIX ONLY - Reach out if you are not on Wix
    Valid for one month
    • Wix AI for Facebook and Instagram for Wix
    • Custom ad setup
    • Add creative or pics of your products into ad
    • Choose target audience
    • Choose areas to advertise
    • Help you decide budget
    • Help you understand reporting
  • Facebook Management

    Every month
    WIX ONLY Facebook & Insta Monthly Fees for plans up to $500
    Valid for 3 months
    • Monthly Maintenance of WIX FB and Insta
    • Monitoring of Campaigns
    • Monthly customer meetings
    • *This is a starter plan - others are available
    • *Minimum maintenance fee, any plan, is $100