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Social Media and Google: Projects


We set up social media pages and Google Business Profile's and can manage your paid campaigns!

Social Media Marketing. As a business owner do you really understand what creating relevant campaigns for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, or Linkedin really mean? Or are you posting "what's for dinner" even on your business page? 

We can show you how, with a little planning, you can tie all your social media marketing together into cohesive campaigns that reflect where your business is and where you want it to go. Just ask how NPS can help! Complimentary consultations offered at your place of business for convenience.


Having a hard time designing cover images for Facebook and other social pages? Specifically cover images for Twitter and Linkedin? Can't get it right? Wanna know Why? They require background images that are "responsive" which means that the image can grow and shrink depending on the screen size of the device you are using to view it. Because they are responsive, there are areas of the image that you will almost always see and other areas where you may only sometimes see. This means you have know how to design for these spaces. No worries, let us help!


And then there is Google. Did you know there are MULTIPLE Google Properties you need to include on your site to be properly verified with Google? They even need to be connected to each other. Have you heard of Google Search Console? How about Google Analytics? Do you have a Google Business Profile? If you are wondering why your site isn't getting found organically Google may not know you exist (there could be other reasons too). We can help get you set up properly with Google. THEN we can help you with Google Ads to drive leads and sales. 


Navigating the business side of social media marketing is not an easy task. NPS can take the stress of setting up and managing Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns off you. We have 12 years experience in social media marketing, creating the perfect audiences both demographically and geographically for your business.


Google Adwords is something people reach out to us about a lot. "How do I set up an Adwords campaign" is something we hear A LOT. If you partner with us on web design we can help. If we build your site in wix, a couple packages come with vouchers to get your campaigns up and running. Let's discuss what's involved in a successful Awords campaign.

Google Business Profile


Previously known as Google My Business. Most of our new business customers know they need to be found on google but aren't sure where to start. Once a website is built the next thing we do is set up your Google Business Profile (or do a full review of an existing account). We add in your services and/or products and optimize all the settings for you. We also add most all google products into your site and once we build out your google my business page we tie that into your site reporting too.


Many new business are overwhelmed with the decisions of which social media platforms they need. And then there is the setup, adding company info, profile pics, cover pics and all the other details. NPS can not only help you figure out what social platforms make the most sense for you, we can also set up each social media account for you! Then we can link them from your new website! The next step is setting up a social media posting calendar so you have fresh content all the time - great for SEO!

Retarget Your Customers With a Postcard. What???

Yep it's true! Retargeting should be a part of every digital marketing plan. If you are pushing customers to your website through online campaigns like Google Ads and Paid Social Media then you need to also have budget for retargeting so you can keep following them around the Internet once they leave your site. I'm sure you have heard of this, BUT did you know you can also mail them a postcard? Yep! We can track a website visitors IP address and send them your latest offer via a postcard we mail to their home address. Best part - it is very affordable. 

The biggest benefit is you can get a mail piece in their hands! Add a QR code to track how many people scan it and come BACK to your site. Get sales and return sales!

Postcard Retargeting Explained

Postcard Retargeting Prices

Let's Find Your Audience on Social!

Have a Wix website? Did you now you can now run Facebook and Instagram ads right from your dashboard? Choose an option below to set up a time to talk or feel free to use the chat or reach out by phone!

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