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Three Things Google Ads Can Do for Your Business

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

NPS offers google ads

Anytime you see an ad at the top of your search results, it’s probably not just because of good SEO. Those desirable early slots are often the result of a Google Ads campaign, through which a company has paid to ensure that their ad is displayed first (or second or third) when people perform a Google search for a specific keyword or term. Previously known as Google Adwords, this program allows companies to bypass the variables of typical search ranking to ensure that their target audience sees their results first.

What are three things Google Ads can do for your business?

  1. Help you reach new customers. Because Google Ads campaigns are targeted to specific keywords and phrases, it allows you to reach the people who are already looking for what your company has to offer. This means a lot more clicks and a lot more conversions, because you’re reaching motivated customers who are already searching for your product or service.

  2. Generate more leads. The targeted nature of Google Ads will drive the right people to your website. This can help generate more leads for your company, which in turn become more customers over time.

  3. Increase brand awareness. It isn’t just about getting those clicks and those customers, after all. It’s about building your company’s brand. One way that Google Ads helps to do that is by associating your name, inextricably, with the search terms that you’re linking to the ad. If you sell bikes and someone finds your company name every time they search for bikes, then your brand and that phrase become bound together in their minds.


Are you interested in learning more about Google Ads? Maybe we’re a good fit for each other! Let’s find out! Reach out to NPS Design Studio to set up a discovery meeting today. We’d love to hear from you!


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